Salon Hygiene during the Covid-19

Disinfection is in focus

Salon Hygiene is always important and I try to keep it at high level. Now we all are in a situation when the prevention of the virus spreading saves peoples’ lives. Hygiene and disinfection are now even more important. When it is possible to start working again we will follow all rules to keep people safe. I am ready for changes.

First I  will switch to bookings only. Walk-ins can enter only if there are no other customers inside. People who have virus symptoms would not be able to use the service. 

Everyone must enter the salon with their own face mask. Hand wash and sanitiser are available in the shop for all customers. 

Individual hair cutting cape will be used for every customer. 

Disinfection before and after every customer.  

My shop is tiny and it is only possible to have maximum 2 customers in at once

Children can enter the shop with one person accompanying them. 

I already have everything necessary to disinfect and sanitise the shop and keep the customers safe.

Please cancel your appointment if you have corona virus symptoms. We have many vulnerable customers coming in the shop, please let us keep them and all  other customers safe. Thank you

Payment options

We accept cash or card payments – using SumUp and Squire card readers we can take payments contactless or via Chip and […]

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