Mon-Sun 8 am -6 pm 

On Saltmarket £1 per 15 min. Maximum stay 2 hours.

On St. Andrews St, Steel St and another streets nearby:

20 p per 15 minutes up to 1 hour then 40 p per 15 minutes

Maximum Stay 3 hours

Why Hairstyle Zone?

Hairstyle Zone – this is me, Radka. I opened my first shop in Bulgaria 25 years ago and had amazing, very loyal clientele. I really miss all those people. I moved to Glasgow 6 years ago. Now I have my tiny shop on one of the oldest, most iconic streets in Glasgow – Saltmarket. I already have amazing, loyal customers here, who I all love.  I am a simple person and for me the most important thing is THE CUSTOMER – I want to create the best hairstyle for everyone who comes into my shop.  With experience of more than 25 years,  I try to provide the best hair styling solutions for very affordable prices. My expertise lies in women and men’s grooming services, styling, blow dry and some hair dye services. You can have relaxing hair treatments with high-quality products. Just ask and I will try my best to fix your hair problems.  If you are looking for a quiet, relaxing place to get a nice haircut or another hair service at a good price, welcome to Hairstyle zone. With plenty of happy clients, I look forward to providing you with the best of my services. Book now

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